An Emacs package for creating and viewing keyboard shortcut demos
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If you use Emacs, you're likely to use several packages that help manipulate text. Whether it's evil, lispy, paredit, or multiple-cursors, I think we can all agree that third-party packages are essential to the Emacs experience.

Packages define several of their own keybindings to use in particular modes. When combined with the default bindings that Emacs ships with, one can end up with hundreds of different shortcuts for manipulating text. Memorizing all of them is unreasonable, and learning from the documentation is slow.

Shorty is here to solve that.

Shorty is a tool for both Emacs users and Emacs package authors. It allows authors to easily build playlists of shortcut demos and allows users to play them back in sequence.

Learning by doing is arguably the best way to learn. Since, shorty demos are executed live inside an Emacs buffer, you can hop in once the demo's done and try them out for yourself. Learning is a breeze becase every demo comes with a key logger that shows the keypresses executed for a particular demo. No more fumbling with an emacs window and documentation window to learn a new tool. With shorty, you just press play.

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