Civilized Data Processing in Python
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Civilized Data Processing

All data in pipette flows through a pipeline with a source.  Data takes the form of a stream of documents.  Pipelines are lazy, they are only evaluated when you iterate over them or explicitly invoke the pull method.

It works like so:

  from pipette import *

  s = Source('bigdata.csv')
  def change_variables(doc):
      """Change some variable names

      Notice that I don't have to return the doc.  The document is returned 
      to the pipeline unless something non-None was returned.
      """ = doc.pop('DATE')
      doc.is_important = int(doc.pop('STATUS') == 'important')
      doc.category = doc.CAT

  def keep_import(doc):
      """Filter functions must return a boolean.
      return doc.is_important

  def date(doc):
      """Remember that group_by works like itertools.groupby, in that it only
      groups consecutive entries.

  # slice mutates the pipeline, like all methods

  for date, doc in s:
      print date, len(doc)