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# autopkg automation script which, when run with no arguments, checks current run's output against a default output and sends the output to a user if there are differences
# adjust the following variables for your particular configuration
# you should manually run the script with the initialize option if you change the recipe list, since that will change the output.
recipe_list="AdobeFlashPlayer.munki MakeCatalogs.munki"
# don't change anything below this line
# define logger behavior
logger="/usr/bin/logger -t autopkg-wrapper"
user_home_dir=`dscl . -read /Users/${autopkg_user} NFSHomeDirectory | awk '{ print $2 }'`
# run autopkg
if [ "${1}" == "help" ]; then
# show some help with regards to initialization option
echo "usage: ${0} [initialize]"
echo "(initializes a new default log for notification checking)"
exit 0
elif [ "${1}" == "initialize" ]; then
# initialize default log for automated run to check against for notification if things have changed
$logger "starting autopkg to initialize a new default output log"
echo "recipe list: ${recipe_list}"
echo "autopkg user: ${autopkg_user}"
echo "user home dir: ${user_home_dir}"
# make sure autopkg folder exists in autopkg_user's Documents folder
if [ ! -d "${user_home_dir}"/Documents/autopkg ]; then
/bin/mkdir -p "${user_home_dir}"/Documents/autopkg
# run autopkg twice, once to get any updates and the second to get a log indicating nothing changed
$logger "autopkg initial run to temporary log location"
echo "for this autopkg run, output will be shown"
/usr/local/bin/autopkg run -v ${recipe_list} 2>&1
$logger "autopkg initial run to saved log location"
echo "for this autopkg run, output will not be shown, but rather saved to default log location (${user_home_dir}/Documents/autopkg/autopkg.out"
/usr/local/bin/autopkg run ${recipe_list} 2>&1 > "${user_home_dir}"/Documents/autopkg/autopkg.out
$logger "finished autopkg"
elif [ ! -f "${user_home_dir}"/Documents/autopkg/autopkg.out ]; then
# default log doesn't exist, so tell user to run this script in initialization mode and exit
echo "ERROR: default log does not exist, please run this script with initialize argument to initialize the log"
exit -1
# default is to just run autopkg and email log if something changed from normal
$logger "starting autopkg"
/usr/local/bin/autopkg repo-update all
/usr/local/bin/autopkg run ${recipe_list} 2>&1 > /tmp/autopkg.out
$logger "finished autopkg"
# check output against the saved log and if differences exist, send current log to specified recipient
if [ "`diff /tmp/autopkg.out \"${user_home_dir}\"/Documents/autopkg/autopkg.out`" != "" ]; then
# there are differences from a "Nothing downloaded, packaged or imported" run... might be an update or an error
$logger "sending autopkg log"
/usr/bin/mail -s "autopkg log" ${mail_recipient} < /tmp/autopkg.out
$logger "sent autopkg log to {$mail_recipient}, `wc -l /tmp/autopkg.out | awk '{ print $1 }'` lines in log"
$logger "autopkg did nothing, so not sending log"
exit 0
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