Azure HDInsight (Hortonworks Hadoop) deployment and configuration scripts
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Powershell script to create a HDInsight cluster with Data Lake Store as the default file system, and the Hive metastore on SQL Server.

This script covers a lot of ground unrelated to HDInsight that people have trouble with when deploying Azure services via Powershell. All of the blog posts on the net that were once very helpful end-to-end examples are out of date or don't fully cover SQL metastore and ADLS configuration.

Subsequent runs only create the resources that do not already exist. Service principals and certificate exports are renewed each time and changing the passsord between runs will bring the various resources out of sync with eachother. This is a breaking change if one service invokes another using the shared password--as is the case with HDInsight.

I intend to update this script often and post others that are related. Create an issue if you run into any problems.