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require 'html-proofer' # Ensures we have the html-proofer library available to use
def run_htmlproofer() # The function that will run the proofer, so that we can re-use it between our two rake tasks
options = {
assume_extension: true, # Assumes html file extensions
:typhoeus => { # The options for the curl library that's used.
:ssl_verifypeer => false # This will stop you from getting errors when certs can't be parsed, which doesn't matter in this case.
allow_hash_href: true, # Won't fail for local links
url_ignore: [/edit\/gh-pages/] # This is because all my pages have a link to edit them, which will fail when generated locally.
HTMLProofer.check_directory("./_site", options).run # Calls html-proofer and uses the Jektll _site folder
task :test do
sh "bundle exec jekyll build"
task :testwithoutbuild do # For when I just built the site and I'm doing this a bunch of times
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