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Skaket is a simple blog theme powered by Jekyll and Bootstrap.

To use Skaket, install Jekyll and clone this repository:

~$ gem install jekyll
~$ git clone https://github.com/seankross/skaket.git
~$ cd skaket
~$ jekyll serve
# => Now browse to http://localhost:4000

Configuration is easy, just edit _config.yml:

name: Sean Kross
pygments: true
markdown: redcarpet

github_uname: seankross
twitter: seankross

At the beginning of each post there is some yaml front-matter which gives you some options:

layout: post
title: Welcome to Jekyll!
date: 2014-02-03 23:16:00
jumbo_title: Welcome to Jekyll!
jumbo_subtitle: Static Websites from Plain Text

There's also a layout for notes, which are intended to be some mixture of a Gist, an email, and a blog post. The yaml front-matter for notes looks like this:

layout: note
title: First Note
header: Consider the following

Items in this repository you may want to change before deploying this template:

  • _config.yml
  • The contents of the _posts directory
  • The contents of the notes directory
  • The About page.
  • The yaml front-matter for index.html
  • The contents of this README.md file