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Automatic restic backups using systemd services and timers

Forked from erikw/restic-systemd-automatic-backup, this is my version that uses a local repo which is then sync'd to Google Cloud Storage using rclone


restic is a command-line tool for making backups, the right way. Check the official website for a feature explanation. As a storage backend, I'm using Google Cloud Storage as restic works well with it, and it has (at the time of writing) a 12 month, $300 trial credit which can be used to store your backups for up a year for free, depending on your usage.

Unfortunately restic does not come per-configured with a way to run automated backups, say every day. However it's possible to set this up yourself using.

Here follows a step-by step tutorial on how to set it up, with my sample script and configurations that you can modify to suit your needs.

Note, you can use any of the supported storage backends. The setup should be similar but you will have to use other configuration variables to match your backend of choice.

Set up

To Do. There are a number of differences that I need to document, but will get to later.

Note that I make use of another service and a program called slacksink to send systemd service failures to Slack. Need to clean that up as well.

Add a Makefile to automatically install and update files as described.


My restic backup solution using Backblaze B2 storage, systemd timers (or cron) and email notifications on failure.



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