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Description (中文说明见

Due to the limitation of embedded Python with Sublime Text 3, ConvertToUTF8 might not work properly. You can install this plugin to solve the problem.

If you want to support this plugin, you can donate via Alipay or WeChat. Thanks! :)

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Using Package Control to find, install and upgrade Codecs33 is the recommended method to install this plug-in.

Otherwise, you can download this repository as a zip file from one of the branchs (osx, linux-x64, linux-x32) which matchs your platform. Unzip the archive and rename the new folder to Codecs33, then move this folder to Packages folder of Sublime Text (You can find the Packages folder by clicking "Preferences > Browse Packages" menu entry in Sublime Text).

Contact me

Please send me your questions or suggestions: sunlxy (at) or