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Rubymotion Escape

Rubymotion Game developed in SpriteKit for iOS7, Apple's new game and physics engine. based on @StevenVeshkini Escape

While playing around with some ideas for Coderdojo Cologne lessons, I found this post by @StevenVeshkini. So I decided to port it to Rubymotion iOS and Mac OS X. At the end I hope to write this or similar games with the kids and our next Coderdojo Cologne.

Thanks to Steven Veshkini for giving his code for free to ALL.

This code is under I don't owe you nothing license and MIT.

![GameOver](ios_game_over_scene.PNG?raw=true "iOS Gameover Scene" =250x) ![GameScene](ios_game_scene.PNG?raw=true "iOS Game Scene" =250x) ![OSX](osx_game_scene.PNG?raw=true "OS X Game Scene" =250x) ![Start](osx_start_scene.PNG?raw=true "OS X Start A Game Scene" =250x)