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RMDialog is based on QuickDialog, it means that you will need to embed the QuickDialog in your project for RMDialog to run. Since I still studying the QuickDialog classes and some features are buggy or not present yet. I'll welcome any contribution, so feel free to extend, correct any code in this project by pulling a request.

	# create a RMDialog with a title, and grouped
    root = RMDialog.create(title:"Rubymotion Dialog", grouped:true) do
		# create a new section 
		section(name: "Example Section") do
			label title:"Hello", value:"world"


  • root: RMDialog.create({}, &block), create a QRootElement
    • section: create and adds a QSection to the root
      • label: create and add a QLabelElement to the section
      • float:
      • boolean:
      • decimal:
      • badge:
      • button:
      • label:
    • selection
    • dynamic_section

Todo List

  • every action on boolean, button, decimal and more should be captured in a block e.g.:

     	button(title:"login") do	
     		alert = alert.alloc.init
     		alert.message = "Hello World"
     	decimal(title:"decimal Element", key:"slider", value:0.5, fraction:2) do |value|
     		alert = alert.alloc.init
     		alert.message = "decimal #{value}"
  • Documentation

  • Create Dialog from Json data

  • Design discussion (are we creating to much objects?)

  • QuickDialog Elements:

    • QTextElement
    • QLoadingElement
    • QDateTimeElement
    • QMapElement
      • QMapAnnotation
    • QSortingSection
    • QWebElement
    • QMultilineElement
    • QLoadingElement
    • more ...
  • Element Customization design

  • Accessibility

  • VoiceOver


I'd just like to thank escoz and all QuickDialog contributors for the great library