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RubyMotion Cookbook is our project to learn RubyMotion, iOS development, and to provide a valuable community resource of code examples. We're experts in none of these things so if you have a suggestion, be gentle, it's our first time. This is a work in progress.

RubyMotion Cookbook

We'll be following along with the actual iOS5 Programming Cookbook by Vandad Navandipoor from O'Reilly, starting with chapter two, and porting over the Obj-C code examples as we progress through the book. If you have the book and want to add or correct the project, send us a pull request, we'll gladly accept the help! Whichever chapter you'd like, because as you can tell, we're not going in strict order either.

Additionally, we're aware that BubbleWrap and similar projects exist and we're intentionally avoiding them. Wrapping difficult Cocoa libraries with elegant Ruby is a great idea, but we're attempting to map our examples 1:1 to the cookbook (with creative license) so that the body of the text remains relevant and using an external resource defeats that purpose.

Please share our Github page with others

Table of Contents and Progress