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A package for downloading the ratings and reviews from an Amazon product
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This is probably against Amazon's terms of service and could potentially result in getting your IP banned, so use at your own risk.


pip install git+


This package requires ssl, you might have to rebuild your Python version if you're encountering an error.


You'll need to grab the amazon product id from the product url: e.g. B06XCM9LJ4 from

# Import class Scrape
from AmazonReviewScraper import Scrape

# Initialize self with class vars (these are the defaults)
a = Scrape(amazon_id='B06XCM9LJ4', user_agent='Mozilla/5.0', user_email='')

All functions are designed to run without much user input, but have the ability to take more specific inputs. I recommend starting with a small sample and making sure your user_agent and user_email are non-descript.

# Count total number of reviews
>>> a.count_reviews()
# Get first page of reviews
>>> a.get_page_reviews()

# Get all reviews
>>> a.get_all_reviews()
date reviewer badge rating title verified_purchase product_type helpful_votes review
2018-07-20 Sherry the Dog Lady None 5 AMAZING SOUND!! Verified Purchase Color: Charcoal FabricConfiguration: Echo 1278 I got some smart plugs so that I could turn on...
2018-03-01 Gaylord TOP 500 REVIEWER 5 Remember GEN 2 is an updated version of the or... Verified Purchase Color: Charcoal FabricConfiguration: Echo 4104 Let me preface this review by revealing a few ...

Updates Planned

  1. Current displayed star-rating
  2. Getting select reviews (e.g. reviews 100-200)
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