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AngularFire2 Authentication

The related article about this project is available at

What the article touches on

  • Initializing an Angular2 Project from scratch without the Angular CLI (I don't know why, but the ng CLI is too cumbersome to use for me. Well, that's another topic for another day)
  • SystemJS configurations and loading installed NPM node modules
  • Getting comfortable with Angular Components
  • Handling form input with the FormModule
  • Using the NgModule to encapsulate features or functionality in our app
  • Using the Angular 2 Final Router for Routing and Child Routes
  • Adding Authentication thanks to Firebase 3 via AngularFire2
  • Protecting certain routes with our Angular AuthGuard service
  • We'll throw in a little catch-all component for our 404 needs.

How to run

  • git clone
  • npm install
  • Locate the firebaseProject-Sample.ts file, rename it to firebaseProject.ts and update to reflect your Firebase Project configuration, found in your Firebase Console.
  • npm start
  • Enjoy


Inherits licenses from packages used.