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Learn almost all the basics you need to know with Aqueduct
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Aqueduct CRUD

This is a CRUD Aqueduct framework project. What's in the project?

  • Making CRUD requests
  • Basic pagination

For accompanying article explaning how to get to an end result like this, kindly check out the "Getting Started with the Aqueduct Framework - From Beginner to Intermediate", written by @nkansahrexford. Learn more about what I do on my website

Running the Application Locally

To get up and running locally, do these pre-requisites.

Setting up environment

Setting up Database

Create a postgreSQL database, call it anything you want.

  $ sudo -u postgres psql
  > CREATE USER projectuser WITH PASSWORD 'password';
  > CREATE DATABASE mydatabase;
  > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE mydatabase TO projectuser;
  > \q

Then create a database.yaml file in the root project (same location as the pubspec.yaml), and put in these:

username: 'projectuser'
password: 'password'
host: 'localhost'
port: 5432
databaseName: 'mydatabase'


Last but not least, run the migration, to convey what database scheme we have and want to the database for real. You can check the migrations/00000001_initial.migration.dart file to see what is gonna happen.

Also, seed/fixture data is added.

Run aqueduct db upgrade to commit the migration to database.

Run Application

  • In the project root folder, run aqueduct serve

Since this project is API endpoints only, you'll have to consume using a REST Client, such as Postman.

If using Postman, check out this API request collection to help you get started with consuming your endpoints

Running Application Tests

To run all tests for this application, run the following in this directory:

pub run test

The default configuration file used when testing is config.src.yaml. This file should be checked into version control. It also the template for configuration files used in deployment.

Deploying an Application

See the documentation for Deployment.

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