A tool to help CCG players learn the contents of their decks via flash-card quizzes.
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Vexing Arcanix

What is Vexing Arcanix?

Vexing Arcanix helps CCG players learn their decks intimately. To play card games at a high level, players have to know the contents of their decks well. For example, a Magic: the Gathering player wants to know how likely it is that their next draw is a land, how many creatures are left in their deck, and how likely it is that a given card is in the top three cards of their deck. Vexing Arcanix is a web app that players can use to build this knowledge: players upload their deck lists and the app generates game states and questions for them. This allows players to build this specific kind of knowledge much faster than playing out full games.

What is the Minimum Viable Product for Vexing Arcanix?

Vexing Arcanix will allow you to upload a deck list and then ask you questions such as "how many copies of $card are in your deck?" and "how likely is it that you will have at least one copy of $card in your opening hand?"

What other features are planned for Vexing Arcanix?

  • The ability to ask questions of the style "here is a list of cards that have already been played or are in your hand: given that information, how likely is it that card Foo is in the next N cards of your deck?"
  • The ability to know the properties of cards so that questions like "how likely is is that your next card is a land" are possible.
  • The ability to give users hints about the answer to the current question.
  • The ability to track a user's performance at answering questions over time.
  • The ability to remember deck lists between sessions.
  • The ability to create accounts that will remember multiple deck lists.
  • Support for games other than MtG: the highest priority after Magic is the Pokémon CCG, and after that L5R.
  • Support for decks of cards in non-CCG games - Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, Chaos in the Old World, etc.