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Installation instructions for Codeigniter Google Calendar library

1). Place the Gcal.php file in your Codeigniter syste/application/libraries direcetory

2). Download the ZendGdata library from:

3). Install the ZendGdata library with one of the two options:
		1). Make a directory anywhere on your machine/server
		2). Place the ZendGdata directory in it
		3). Open you php.ini file and find the include_path line.
		4). Add to the include_path the directory that you placed the 
			ZendGdata directory in. /your/directory/ZendGdata/library
		5). Save and restart Apache	
	 	1). Place the ZendGdata directory where you want.
		2). In the Gcal.php library file, modify the require_once so that 
			it points at the directory where ZendGdata is located.
			IE: require_once("/your/directory/ZendGdata/Library/Zend/Loader.php");

4). Place the calendar.php file in your controllers directory

5). Have fun!!
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