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node-partials is an extension of the underscore templating system that adds support for inter-file partials. Partials can be compiled and used on the server as well as serialized to be used on the client.


First lets create a template file called myTemplates.html

## this-is-the-name-of-the-partial
This is some content of the partial

!## this is a comment line ##!
<div class="some class">
	Like some HTML for example
<div class="some-val">
	<%= foo %>

Now lets set it up to compile the partial

var partials = require('node-partials');
var templatePath = '/some/path/to/your/templates';

partials = new partials({
	templatePath: templatePath
	delimiter: '## ', 			// defaults to '## ' but can be pretty much whatever you want.
	validFileTypes: ['html'],	// defaults to 'html' only.
	commentStartDelimiter: '!##',
	commentEndDelimiter: '##!',


var templates = partials.getCompiledTemplates();

// to get the content of the partial:
templates['myTemplate/this-is-the-name-of-the-partial']({ foo: 'this is a variable' });

In this case, partials is a dictionary of all of your templates indexed by: <file name>/<template name>.

This also supports the nesting of directories, e.g. <directory>/<directory>/<file name>/<template name>