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GitHub Action to publish files to a git repo
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GitHub Action for publishing a directory and its contents to another git repository.

This can be especially useful for publishing static website, such as with GitHub Pages, from built files in other job steps, such as Doxygen generated HTML files.

NOTE: GitHub currently requires the use of a Personal Access Token for pushing to other repositories. Pushing to the current repository should work with the always-available GitHub Token (available via {{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}. If pushing to another repository, a Personal Access Token will need to be created and assigned to the workflow secrets.


  • repository: Destination repository (default: current repository).
  • branch: Destination branch (required).
  • host: Destination git host (default:
  • github_token: GitHub Token (required; use secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN).
  • github_pat: Personal Access Token or other https credentials.
  • source_folder: Source folder in workspace to copy (default: workspace root).
  • target_folder: Target folder in destination branch to copy to (default: repository root).
  • commit_author: Override commit author (default: {}
  • commit_message: Set commit message (default: [workflow] Publish from [repository]:[branch]/[folder]).
  • dry_run: Does not push if non-empty (default: empty).
  • working_directory: Location to checkout repository (default: random location in ${HOME})


  • commit_hash: SHA hash of the new commit.
  • working_directory: Working directory of git clone of repository.


MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

Usage Example

    - uses: actions/checkout@master
    - run: |
        sh scripts/ --out static/html
    - uses: seanmiddleditch/gha-publish-to-git@master
        branch: gh-pages
        github_token: '${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN  }}'
        github_pat: '${{ secrets.GH_PAT }}'
        source_folder: static/html
      if: success() && github.event == 'push'
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