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import os, sys, re
COMMENT_PREFIXES = ["//", "/*", "*", "\'", "\""]
REQUIRE_RE = r"(?<![\'\"])require\s*\(\s*[\'\"]([^\'\"]+?)[\'\"]\s*\)"
def scan_requirements_with_grep(fn, lines):
requires = set()
for line in lines:
for clause in line.split(";"):
clause = clause.strip()
iscomment = False
for commentprefix in COMMENT_PREFIXES:
if clause.startswith(commentprefix):
iscomment = True
if iscomment:
mo =, clause)
if mo:
modname =
return requires
To use chrome authority, as in line %d in:
> %s
You must enable it with:
let {Cc,Ci,Cu,Cr,Cm} = require('chrome');
CHROME_ALIASES = ["Cc", "Ci", "Cu", "Cr", "Cm"]
def scan_chrome(fn, lines, stderr):
filename = os.path.basename(fn)
if filename == "cuddlefish.js" or filename == "securable-module.js":
return False, False # these are the loader
problems = False
asks_for_chrome = set() # Cc,Ci in: var {Cc,Ci} = require("chrome")
asks_for_all_chrome = False # e.g.: var c = require("chrome")
uses_chrome = set()
uses_components = False
uses_chrome_at = []
for lineno,line in enumerate(lines):
# note: this scanner is not obligated to spot all possible forms of
# chrome access. The scanner is detecting voluntary requests for
# chrome. Runtime tools will enforce allowance or denial of access.
line = line.strip()
iscomment = False
for commentprefix in COMMENT_PREFIXES:
if line.startswith(commentprefix):
iscomment = True
if iscomment:
mo =, line)
if mo:
if == "chrome":
for alias in CHROME_ALIASES:
if alias in line:
if not asks_for_chrome:
asks_for_all_chrome = True
alias_in_this_line = False
for wanted in CHROME_ALIASES:
if'\b'+wanted+r'\b', line):
alias_in_this_line = True
uses_chrome_at.append( (wanted, lineno+1, line) )
if not alias_in_this_line and "Components." in line:
uses_components = True
uses_chrome_at.append( (None, lineno+1, line) )
problems = True
if uses_components or (uses_chrome - asks_for_chrome):
problems = True
print >>stderr, ""
print >>stderr, "To use chrome authority, as in:"
print >>stderr, " %s" % fn
for (alias, lineno, line) in uses_chrome_at:
if alias not in asks_for_chrome:
print >>stderr, " %d> %s" % (lineno, line)
print >>stderr, "You must enable it with something like:"
uses = sorted(uses_chrome)
if uses_components:
needed = ",".join(uses)
print >>stderr, ' const {%s} = require("chrome");' % needed
wants_chrome = bool(asks_for_chrome) or asks_for_all_chrome
return wants_chrome, problems
def scan_module(fn, lines, stderr=sys.stderr):
# barfs on /\s+/ in context-menu.js
#requires = scan_requirements_with_jsscan(fn)
requires = scan_requirements_with_grep(fn, lines)
chrome, problems = scan_chrome(fn, lines, stderr)
return sorted(requires), chrome, problems
def scan_package(pkg_name, dirname, stderr=sys.stderr):
manifest = []
has_problems = False
for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(dirname):
for fn in [fn for fn in filenames if fn.endswith(".js")]:
modname = os.path.splitext(fn)[0]
# turn "packages/jetpack-core/lib/content/foo" into "content/foo"
reldir = dirpath[len(dirname)+1:]
if reldir:
modname = "/".join(reldir.split(os.sep) + [modname])
absfn = os.path.join(dirpath, fn)
lines = open(absfn).readlines()
requires, chrome, problems = scan_module(absfn, lines, stderr)
manifest.append( (pkg_name, modname, requires, chrome) )
if problems:
has_problems = True
return manifest, has_problems
if __name__ == '__main__':
for fn in sys.argv[1:]:
requires,chrome,problems = scan_module(fn, open(fn).readlines())
print "---", fn
if problems:
print "PROBLEMS"
print "chrome: %s" % chrome
print "requires: %s" % (",".join(requires))
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