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  • Add zstd support, enabled with zstd Cargo feature.
  • Add ClientBuilder::read_timeout(Duration), which applies the duration for each read operation. The timeout resets after a successful read.


  • Add FromStr for dns::Name.
  • Add ClientBuilder::built_in_webpki_certs(bool) to enable them separately.
  • Add ClientBuilder::built_in_native_certs(bool) to enable them separately.
  • Fix sending content-length: 0 for GET requests.
  • Fix response body content_length() to return value when timeout is configured.
  • Fix ClientBuilder::resolve() to use lowercase domain names.


  • Fix missing ALPN when connecting to socks5 proxy with rustls.
  • Fix TLS version limits with rustls.
  • Fix not detected ALPN h2 from server with native-tls.


  • Fix ClientBuilder::interface() when no TLS is enabled.
  • Fix TlsInfo::peer_certificate() being truncated with rustls.
  • Fix panic if http2 feature disabled but TLS negotiated h2 in ALPN.
  • Fix Display for Error to not include its source error.


  • Upgrade to hyper, http, and http-body v1.
  • Add better support for converting to and from http::Request and http::Response.
  • Add http2 optional cargo feature, default on.
  • Add charset optional cargo feature, default on.
  • Add macos-system-configuration cargo feature, default on.
  • Change all optional dependencies to no longer be exposed as implicit features.
  • Add ClientBuilder::interface(str) to specify the local interface to bind to.
  • Experimental: disables the http3 feature temporarily.


  • Add hickory-dns feature, deprecating trust-dns.
  • (wasm) Fix Form::text() to not set octet-stream for plain text fields.


  • Revert system-configuration upgrade, which broke MSRV on macOS.


  • Fix Certificate::from_pem_bundle() parsing.
  • Fix Apple linker errors from detecting system proxies.


  • Add Certificate::from_pem_bundle() to add a bundle.
  • Add http3_prior_knowledge() to blocking client builder.
  • Remove Sync bounds requirement for Body::wrap_stream().
  • Fix HTTP/2 to retry REFUSED_STREAM requests.
  • Fix instances of converting Url to Uri that could panic.


  • Add Proxy::custom_http_auth(val) for setting the raw Proxy-Authorization header when connecting to proxies.
  • Fix redirect to reject locations that are not http:// or https://.
  • Fix setting nodelay when TLS is enabled but URL is HTTP.
  • (wasm) Add ClientBuilder::user_agent(val).
  • (wasm) add multipart::Form::headers(headers).


  • Fix compilation on Windows when trust-dns is enabled.


  • Add automatically detecting macOS proxy settings.
  • Add ClientBuilder::tls_info(bool), which will put tls::TlsInfo into the response extensions.
  • Fix trust-dns resolver from possible hangs.
  • Fix connect timeout to be split among multiple IP addresses.


  • Fix deflate decompression back to using zlib, as outlined in the spec.


  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_ignore_invalid_headers_in_responses() option.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_allow_spaces_after_header_name_in_responses() option.
  • Add support for ALL_PROXY environment variable.
  • Add support for use_preconfigured_tls when combined with HTTP/3.
  • Fix deflate decompression from using the zlib decoder.
  • Fix Response::{text, text_with_charset}() to strip BOM characters.
  • Fix a panic when HTTP/3 is used if UDP isn't able to connect.
  • Fix some dependencies for HTTP/3.
  • Increase MSRV to 1.63.


  • Fix RequestBuilder::json() method from overriding a previously set content-type header. An existing value will be left in place.
  • Upgrade internal dependencies for rustls and compression.


  • Upgrade internal dependencies of Experimental HTTP/3 to use quinn v0.9
  • (wasm) Fix blob url support


  • Chore: set MSRV in Cargo.toml.
  • Docs: fix build on


  • Add RequestBuilder methods to split and reconstruct from its parts.
  • Add experimental HTTP/3 support.
  • Fix connection_verbose to log write_vectored calls.
  • (wasm) Make requests actually cancel if the future is dropped.


  • Adds Proxy::no_proxy(url) that works like the NO_PROXY environment variable.
  • Adds multipart::Part::headers(headers) method to add custom headers.
  • (wasm) Add Response::bytes_stream().
  • Perf: several internal optimizations reducing copies and memory allocations.


  • Add ClientBuilder::dns_resolver() option for custom DNS resolvers.
  • Add ClientBuilder::tls_sni(bool) option to enable or disable TLS Server Name Indication.
  • Add Identity::from_pkcs8_pem() constructor when using native-tls.
  • Fix redirect::Policy::limited(0) from following any redirects.


  • Add ClientBuilder::resolve_to_addrs() which allows a slice of IP addresses to be specified for a single host.
  • Add Response::upgrade() to await whether the server agrees to an HTTP upgrade.


  • Add HTTP/2 keep-alive configuration methods on ClientBuilder.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_allow_obsolete_multiline_headers_in_responses().
  • Add impl Service<Request> for Client and &'_ Client.
  • (wasm) Add RequestBuilder::basic_auth().
  • Fix RequestBuilder::header to not override sensitive if user explicitly set on a HeaderValue.
  • Fix rustls parsing of elliptic curve private keys.
  • Fix Proxy URL parsing of some invalid targets.


  • Add Error::url() to access the URL of an error.
  • Add Response::extensions() to access the http::Extensions of a response.
  • Fix rustls-native-certs to log an error instead of panicking when loading an invalid system certificate.
  • Fix passing Basic Authorization header to proxies.


  • Add ClientBuilder::http09_responses(bool) option to allow receiving HTTP/0.9 responses.
  • Fix HTTP/2 to retry requests interrupted by an HTTP/2 graceful shutdown.
  • Fix proxy loading from environment variables to ignore empty values.


  • Update internal webpki-roots dependency.


  • Add blocking::ClientBuilder::resolve() option, matching the async builder.
  • Implement From<tokio::fs::File> for Body.
  • Fix blocking request-scoped timeout applying to bodies as well.
  • (wasm) Fix request bodies using multipart vs formdata.
  • Update internal rustls to 0.20.


  • (wasm) Fix request bodies more.


  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_only() method.
  • Add tls::Version type, and ClientBuilder::min_tls_version() and ClientBuilder::max_tls_version() methods.
  • Implement TryFrom<Request> for http::Request.
  • Implement Clone for Identity.
  • Fix NO_PROXYenvironment variable parsing to more closely match curl's. Comma-separated entries are now trimmed for whitespace, and * is allowed to match everything.
  • Fix redirection to respect https_only option.
  • (wasm) Add Body::as_bytes() method.
  • (wasm) Fix sometimes wrong conversation of bytes into a JsValue.
  • (wasm) Avoid dependency on serde-serialize feature.


  • Add ClientBuilder::resolve() option to override DNS resolution for specific domains.
  • Add native-tls-alpn Cargo feature to use ALPN with the native-tls backend.
  • Add ClientBuilder::deflate() option and deflate Cargo feature to support decoding response bodies using deflate.
  • Add RequestBuilder::version() to allow setting the HTTP version of a request.
  • Fix allowing "invalid" certificates with the rustls-tls backend, when the server uses TLS v1.2 or v1.3.
  • (wasm) Add try_clone to Request and RequestBuilder


  • Add impl From<hyper::Body> for reqwest::Body.
  • (wasm) Add credentials mode methods to RequestBuilder.


  • Add CookieStore trait to customize the type that stores and retrieves cookies for a session.
  • Add cookie::Jar as a default CookieStore, easing creating some session cookies before creating the Client.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http2_adaptive_window() option to configure an adaptive HTTP2 flow control behavior.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http2_max_frame_size() option to adjust the maximum HTTP2 frame size that can be received.
  • Implement IntoUrl for String, making it more convenient to create requests with format!.


  • Add ClientBuilder::tls_built_in_root_certs() option to disable built-in root certificates.
  • Fix rustls-tls glue to more often support ALPN to upgrade to HTTP/2.
  • Fix proxy parsing to assume http:// if no scheme is found.
  • Fix connection pool idle reaping by enabling hyper's runtime feature.
  • (wasm) Add Request::new() constructor.


  • Change multipart to be an optional cargo feature.

  • Remove deprecated methods.

  • Update to Tokio v1.0.

  • Update to Bytes v1.0.

  • Update to hyper v0.14.


  • Add tcp_keepalive option to blocking::ClientBuilder.
  • Add multipart::Part::stream_with_length constructor, to create a streaming part with a known length.
  • Add ClientBuilder::https_only option, to allow requiring URLs to be https.
  • Change default tcp_keepalive value to be disabled.


  • Add rustls-tls-native-roots, rustls-tls-webpki-roots, and rustls-tls-manual-roots Cargo features, to configure which certificate roots to use with rustls.
  • Add ClientBuilder::tcp_keepalive() method to enable TCP keepalive.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_writev() method to force enable or disable vectored writes.
  • Add Error::is_connect() method to identify if the error is related to connection-establishment.
  • Add blocking::ClientBuilder::brotli() method.
  • Windows: Update default protocol to HTTP for HTTPS system proxies, when a protocol is not specified.
  • (wasm) Add support for Cloudflare workers runtime.
  • (wasm) Add ClientBuilder::default_headers() method.
  • (wasm) Add RequestBuilder::build() method.


  • Add must_use to RequestBuilder and ClientBuilder.
  • Fix Windows system proxy detection of Fiddler proxies.
  • (wasm) Add headers method to RequestBuilder.
  • (wasm) Add execute method to Client.
  • (wasm) Add TryFrom<http::Request> for Request.
  • (wasm) Fix checking for global window to work in non-browser environments.
  • (wasm) Fix sending of an empty body when not required.


  • Add NO_PROXY environment variable support.
  • Add more Error::{is_request, is_body, is_decode} getters.
  • Add conversion of reqwest::ClientBuilder to reqwest::blocking::ClientBuilder.
  • Add headers_mut() to reqwest::blocking::Response.
  • (wasm) Add form(), query(), multipart and bearer_auth() to RequestBuilder.


  • Changed handling of URLs that don't have http: or https: schemes, returning an error instead.
  • Fixed a potential hyper-rustls feature conflict.


  • Add ClientBuilder::pool_idle_timeout option.
  • Add ClientBuilder::pool_max_idle_per_host option, deprecate max_idle_per_host.
  • Add Response::content_length for WASM target.
  • Enable TCP_NODELAY by default.
  • Implement TryFrom<http::Request> for blocking::Request.
  • Implement TryFrom<http::Request> for Request.
    • Removes From<http::Request> for Request.
    • This is technically a breaking change, but was a mistake. It was not valid to convert from an http::Request to a reqwest::Request in an infallible fashion. It would panic if the conversion was not possible. Instead, the implementation has been changed to TryFrom to indicate it could fail.


  • Add trust-dns optional feature to change DNS resolver.
  • Add bytes() method to reqwest::blocking::Response.
  • Add buffer() method to reqwest::blocking::Body.
  • Implement From<http::Request> for reqwest::Request.


  • Upgrade internal rustls version.


  • Add Brotli support, enabled with the optional brotli feature.
  • Add Client::use_preconfigured_tls(tls_connector) allowing manual configuration of TLS options.
  • Implement Default for blocking Client, ClientBuilder, and multipart::Form.
  • (wasm) Add Response::error_for_status() method.
  • (wasm) Add Response::json() method.
  • (wasm) Implement Default for Client and ClientBuilder.


  • Add socks optional feature to support SOCKS5 proxies.
  • Add RequestBuilder::timeout() to configure a timeout for a single request, instead of using the client's timeout.
  • Add ClientBuilder::connection_verbose() option to enable verbose IO logs.
  • (wasm) Add RequestBuilder::fetch_mode_no_cors() option.
  • (wasm) Add Response::url() getter method.


  • Add std::future::Future support.

  • Add wasm32-unknown-unknown support (with fewer features).

  • Add ability to pass async Response as the body of another Request.

  • Add Body::as_bytes() method.

  • Add Response::bytes_stream() method to get body as an impl Stream.

  • Add Request::try_clone() method.

  • Change default Client API to async. The previous blocking client API is available at reqwest::blocking.

  • Change to no longer send a default User-Agent header. Add one via ClientBuilder::user_agent().

  • Change to enable system/environment proxy detection by default.

  • Change default-tls feature to only include ClientBuilder options that both native-tls and rustls support.

  • Change default feature set to reduce unnecessary dependencies. Most features are disabled by default:

    • blocking: The reqwest::blocking (synchronous) client API.
    • cookies: Cookie store support.
    • gzip: Automatic response body decompression.
    • json: Request and response JSON body methods.
    • stream: futures::Stream support.
  • Change Error internal design, removing several Error::is_* inspector methods.

  • Change Redirect API:

    • Renamed types to be part of the redirect module (for example, reqwest::RedirectPolicy is now reqwest::redirect::Policy).
    • Removed loop_detected and too_many_redirect methods from redirect::Attempt, replaced with a generic error method.
    • The default policy no longer specifically looks for redirect loops (but they should be caught by the maximum limit).
  • Fix checking HTTP_PROXY environment variable if it the environment is from a CGI script.

  • Fix removal of username/password of parsed proxy URL.

  • Update url to v2.0.

  • Update hyper to v0.13.

  • Update http to v0.2.


  • Add ClientBuilder::use_sys_proxy() to enable automatic detect of HTTP proxies configured on the system.
  • Add ClientBuilder::no_proxy() to disable system proxies. This is the default for 0.9, but will change to detecting system proxies by default in 0.10.
  • Add support for streaming request bodies in the async client.
  • Add async::Response::text() that returns a Future of the full body decoded to a String.
  • Add Clone for Certificate.


  • Fix Cookie headers to no longer send as percent-encoded (instead, exactly as sent by the server).


  • Fix Cookie headers so as to not include attributes from the Set-Cookie (like HttpOnly, Secure, etc).


  • Add Response::text_with_charset() to allow setting the default charset to decode.
  • Add Error::source() implementation.
  • Add async::ClientBuilder::timeout() option, will timeout the connect, request, and response body futures.
  • Fix gzip + chunked transfer encoding issue preventing connection reuse.
  • Fix RequestBuilder::query() to not add just "?" if the encoded query is empty.
  • Fix including new cookie headers when response is a redirect.


  • Fix sending of "appended" request headers.


  • Add optional support for SOCKS5 proxies, by enabling the socks5 cargo feature.
  • Add Cookie Store support to Client, automatically handling cookies for a session.
  • Add ClientBuilder::cookie_store(enable: bool) method to enable a cookie store that persists across requests.
  • Add Response::cookies() accessor that allows iterating over response cookies.
  • Fix Proxy to check the URL for a username and password.



  • Fix panic on some invalid Location headers during redirects (error is logged and redirect response is returned instead).
  • Fix instance when server notices streaming request body is complete before reqwest does.



  • Add ClientBuilder::tcp_nodelay() to allow disabling Nagle's algorithm.
  • Add ClientBuilder::max_idle_per_host() to allow reducing the number of idle pooled connections.
  • Add RequestBuilder::bearer_auth() method to async builder.


  • Fix capitalization error in async RequestBuilder::basic_auth().
  • Fix ALPN causing issues when using a Proxy.



  • Add multipart::Form::percent_encode_noop() to allow for servers which don't support percent encoding of parameters.
  • Add ClientBuilder::http1_title_case_headers() to force request headers to use Title-Case.
  • Add ClientBuilder::connect_timeout() to allow setting only a connect timeout.



  • Add ClientBuilder::local_address() to bind to a local IP address.
  • Add Response::error_for_status_ref() to return an Error while borrowing a Response.


  • Fix Identity::from_pem with rustls-tls backend when using RSA private keys.



  • Add ClientBuilder::h2_prior_knowledge() option to force HTTP2.
  • Add Response::content_length() to get the content-length of a response.
  • Enable ALPN h2 with the rustls-tls backend.



  • Revert default DNS resolver to getaddrinfo in a threadpool. There is now a trust-dns optional feature to enable the Trust-DNS resolver.
  • Detect Certificate and Identity errors at construction time.



  • Fix DNS resolver on Android (reverted back to getaddrinfo).
  • Fix sending unicode filenames in multipart/form-data requests.



  • Add Proxy::basic_auth method to support proxy authorization.
  • Add rustls-tls optional feature to use rustls instead of native-tls.
  • Add try_clone method to Request and RequestBuilder.
  • Add reqwest::async::multipart support, similar to the synchronous API.
  • Adds default-tls-vendored optional feature to vendor OpenSSL.


  • Fix panic from top-level reqwest::get if client builder fails to build.
  • Removed timeout waiting for reqwest::Client runtime to startup.
  • Fix RequestBuilder::headers to properly append extra headers of the same name.


  • Replaced DNS threadpool using getaddrinfo with a non-blocking DNS resolver.



  • Adds Response::remote_addr() method to check the address of the connection used.
  • Adds default-tls crate feature, enabled by default, which allows users to disable TLS.



  • Adds percent_encoding_path_segment and percent_encoding_attr_char configuration to multipart::Form.


  • Reverts multipart::Form default percent encoding format to path-segment.



  • Adds multipart::Part::bytes() to create a part of raw bytes.
  • Adds constructors for Response to help with testing.


  • Properly percent-encoding more illegal characters in multipart filenames.
  • Ensure timed out requests cancel the associated async task.



  • Fix panic when Location header has UTF-8 characters.



  • Fix large request bodies failing because of improper handling of backpressure.
  • Remove body-related headers when redirect changes a POST into a GET.
  • Reduce memory size of Response and Error signicantly.



  • Upgrade to tokio 0.1.
  • Upgrade to hyper 0.12.
  • Upgrade to native-tls 0.2.
  • Add ClientBuilder::danger_accept_invalid_certs(bool) to disable certificate verification.
  • Add RequestBuilder::bearer_auth(token) to ease sending bearer tokens.
  • Add headers() and headers_mut() to multipart::Part to allow sending extra headers for a specific part.
  • Moved request::unstable::async to reqwest::async.


  • Fix panicking when passing a Url with a file:// scheme. Instead, an Error is returned.

Breaking Changes

  • Changed ClientBuilder::danger_disable_hostname_verification() to ClientBuilder::danger_accept_invalid_hostnames(bool).

  • Changed ClientBuilder to be a by-value builder instead of by-ref.

    For single chains of method calls, this shouldn't affect you. For code that conditionally uses the builder, this kind of change is needed:

    // Old
    let mut builder = ClientBuilder::new();
    if some_val {
    let client =;
    // New
    let mut builder = ClientBuilder::new();
    if some_val {
        builder = builder.gzip(false);
    let client =;
  • Changed RequestBuilder to be a by-value builder of by-ref.

    See the previous note about ClientBuilder for affected code and how to change it.

  • Removed the unstable cargo-feature, and moved reqwest::unstable::async to reqwest::async.

  • Changed multipart::Part::mime() to mime_str().

    // Old
    let part = multipart::Part::file(path)?
    // New
    let part = multipart::Part::file(path)?
  • The upgrade to hyper 0.12 means a temporary removal of the typed headers.

    The RequestBuilder has simple methods to set headers using strings, which can work in most places.

    // Old
    // New
        .header("user-agent", "hallo")

    To ease the transition, there is a hyper-011 cargo-feature that can be enabled.

    reqwest = { version = "0.9", features = ["hyper-011"] }

    And then usage:



  • Fix build.



  • Send an extra CRLF at the end of multipart requests, since some servers expect it.
  • Removed internal dependency on tokio-proto, which removed unsafe small-vec dependency.



  • Add RedirectAttempt::status to check status code that triggered redirect.
  • Add RedirectPolicy::redirect method publicly, to allow composing policies.



  • Try to auto-detect encoding in Response::text().
  • Add Certificate::from_pem to load PEM encoded client certificates.
  • Allow unsized types in query, form, and json.
  • Add unstable::async::RequestBuilder::query, mirroring the stable builder method.



  • Add RequestBuilder::query to easily adjust query parameters of requests.



  • Upgrades internal log crate usage to v0.4



  • Enable hyper's no_proto config, fixing several bugs in hyper.



  • Add ClientBuilder::default_headers to set headers used for every request.
  • Add async::ClientBuilder::dns_threads to set number of threads use for DNS.
  • Add Response::text as shortcut to read the full body into a String.
  • Add Response::copy_to as shortcut for std::io::copy.



  • Client TLS Certificates (#43)
  • GZIP decoding has been added to the async Client (#161)
  • ClientBuilder and RequestBuilder hold their errors till consumed (#189)
  • async::Response::body() now returns a reference to the body instead of consuming the Response
  • A default timeout for reqwest::Client is used set to 30 seconds (#181)

Breaking Changes

  • Client::new no longer returns a Result.

    To handle any panics that come from Client::new, the builder can be used instead.

  • ClientBuilder and RequestBuilder hold their errors till consumed (#189).

    This means a bunch of ? will be going away, but means using the builders will be far easier now. Any error encountered inside the builders will now be returned when the builder is consumed.

    To get errors back immediately, the Request type can be used directly, by building pieces separately and calling setters.

  • async::Response::body() now returns a reference to the body instead of consuming the Response.

  • A default timeout for reqwest::Client is used set to 30 seconds (#181)

    For uses where the timeout is too short, it can be changed on the ClientBuilder, using the timeout method. Passing None will disable the timeout, reverting to the pre-0.8 behavior.



  • Proxy::custom(fn) to allow dynamically picking a proxy URL


  • fix occasional panic when program exits while Client or Response are dropping.





  • fix remove accidental printlns in the sending of a body
  • some documentation improvements



  • Proxy support (#30)
  • Self-signed TLS certificates (#97)
  • Disabling TLS hostname validation   (#89)
  • A Request type that can be used instead of the RequestBuilder (#85)
  • Add Response::error_for_status() to easily convert 400 and 500 status responses into an Error (#98)
  • Upgrade hyper to 0.11
    • Synchronous Client remains.
    • Timeouts now affect DNS and socket connection.
    • Pool much better at evicting sockets when they die.
    • An unstable Cargo feature to enable reqwest::unstable::async.
  • A huge docs improvement!


  • Publicly exports RedirectAction and RedirectAttempt
  • Error::get_ref returns Error + Send + Sync

Breaking Changes

  • hyper has been upgraded to 0.11, so header, StatusCode, and Method have breaking changes.
  • mime has been upgraded to 0.3, with a very different API.
  • All configuration methods have been removed from the Client, and moved to the ClientBuilder.
  • The HttpVersion type was completely removed.
  • Error::cause() now returns Error::get_ref().cause().
  • All methods on Client that start a RequestBuilder now return a Result immediately, instead of delaying the URL parse error for later.
  • The RequestBuilder methods all take &mut self, instead of moving the builder, and return &mut Self. (This shouldn't actually affect most people who are building a request in a single chain.)
  • Response::status() returns a StatusCode instead of &StatusCode.






  • adds Error::get_ref to get the underlying error that may have occurred. Includes a 'static bounds, which allows for downcasting (as opposed to Error::cause).



  • Upgraded to serde 1.0
  • Added a url method to Error, which returns a possible associated Url that occurred with this error.
  • Added req.basic_auth(user, optional_pass) method to ease using Basic authentication.

Breaking Changes

  • The publicly exposed peer dependency serde was upgraded. It is now serde@1.0. Mismatched version will give a compiler error that a serde trait is not implemented.
  • Error is no longer an enum, but an opaque struct. Details about it can be checked with std::error::Error::cause(), and methods on reqwest::Error include is_http(), is_serialization(), and is_redirect().
  • RedirectPolicy::custom receives different arguments, and returns different values. See the docs for an example.



  • fix panic with Gzip decoder on an empty body (#82)



  • add Clone implementation for Client



Breaking Changes

The only breaking change is a behavioral one, all programs should still compile without modification. The automatic GZIP decoding could interfere in cases where a user was expecting the GZIP bytes, either to save to a file or decode themselves. To restore this functionality, set client.gzip(false).


  • updated to serde 0.9


  • updated to hyper 0.10



Breaking Changes

  • Error::Serialize now has a Box<StdError + Send + Sync> instead of Box<StdError>
  • RequestBuilder no longer has an associated lifetime (was RequestBuilder<'a>)


Initial release: