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Genetic Algorithms in Elixir!
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Genex makes it easy to write Genetic Algorithms with Elixir.

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This library is inspired by Python's DEAP.


Documentation is available at


The package can be installed by adding genex to your list of dependencies in mix.exs.

def deps do
    {:genex, "~> 0.2.1"}


Genex requires an implementation module with 3 functions: encoding/0, fitness_function/1, and terminate?/1.

defmodule OneMax do
  use Genex

  def encoding do
    for _ <- 1..10, do: Enum.random(0..1)

  def fitness_function(chromosome), do: Enum.sum(chromosome.genes)

  def terminate?(population), do: population.max_fitness == 10

Now, run iex -S mix.




Genex strives to be as simple and customizable as possible. Along with the ability to customize EVERY step of your Genetic algorithm, Genex comes with the following features:

  • 6 Selection Operators
  • 7 Crossover Operators
  • 6 Mutation Operators
  • Customizable Population Statistics
  • Customizable Benchmarking of Algorithms
  • Exportable Genealogy Tree
  • Flexible Encoding of Chromosomes
  • Simple Text Visualizations


There are currently 3 basic examples available in the examples directory. To run them, clone the repo and run:

mix run examples/[example].exs

The current examples are:

  • one_max.exs
  • knapsack.exs
  • speller.exs
  • linear_regression.exs
  • n_queens.exs


To run benchmarks, clone this repo. In the genex directory run:

mix run bench/benchmarks.exs

You can also run the individual benchmarks available in the bench/ directory. This will take some time!


If you have any problems with Genex, please open an issue! If you have a fix for an issue, submit a pull request.


The next phase of this library will involve extensive performance improvements. Most of the algorithms involve processing very large lists. This is an ideal job for a NIF.

If anybody has any experience writing NIFs or writing algorithms for processing large lists, email me to get involved!

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