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Releases: seanmtracey/GlowOrb-Emulator

Connection Checks

08 Jul 21:35
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Includes the code from #12 to ensure that empty credentials are not passed to a broker if they are omitted from the connection settings.

UI Changes

08 Jul 15:08
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After feedback on the UI from @andysc, several features have been modified for a smoother user experience.


  1. The "Save" button in the settings panel has been switched with a Cancel/Save combo for users who just want to inspect their settings, not change them.
  2. The "Settings Cog" has been replaced with a "Connections Setting" button just beneath the GlowOrbs "last updated" dialog.


  1. The app icon has been updated so it looks a little brighter than before.

First public release

14 Apr 14:55
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This is the first version of the GlowOrb emulator that has all of the features / functionality that I wanted it to have when I first had the idea to make one.