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Call for Speakers

The Seattle Node.js Meetup typically hosts a meetup once a month with two 20-30 minute talks. We occasionally throw lightning talks into the mix.

We'd love to have you share your Node.js knowledge with our group!

Speaking at a meetup is a great opportunity to share with the community, meet new folks interested in stuff you're interested in, and enhance your public speaking chops in a very friendly, supportive environment.

( Note: We've forked this request to speak template from the SeattleJS Meetup. They're also a great meetup at which to speak and share JavaScript-y goodness. )

How it works

  • Read the guidelines below.
  • Submit a proposal via a GitHub issue or email Please follow the template.
    • Public GitHub issues are just for our organizational convenience. We're equally thrilled getting private emails of talk proposals!
  • If the proposal sounds like something that will work for our members, we'll group the talk with similar proposals and schedule it.

What makes a good talk?

The Seattle Node.js meetup has over 2,000 members, with events typically ranging in size from 50-150 attendees.

Our meetup has folks with experiences ranging from "just trying out Node.js" to folks hacking deep within the internals of V8 in their Node.js engines. And we've had talks cover that entire spectrum too.


We're generally interested in anything moving the dial forward on Node.js, solving common problems, and using Node.js to write great applications.

Here are just a couple of random suggestions:

  • Node.js on hardware (radios, IoT, etc.)

  • Node.js in music / media.

  • Application monitoring / tooling.

  • Performance / profiling.

  • Debugging / internals deep dives.

  • Development / task workflows.

  • Game development on Node.js.

  • Node.js at scale / in production.

  • ESnext / language evolution in Node.js

  • Node.js testing, quality tools.

  • npm usage, analysis, workflows.

  • Sharing backend Node.js code with the browser.

Talk Proposal Template

Tell us about your talk! Copy and paste the template below into a GitHub issue or email and then fill everything in. If you have any additional materials, like a slide deck, site, or repo, please include a link.

# Title of talk

A short description of the talk. Why is this topic interesting? How will it
help the audience understand Node.js better, write better applications, be
better developers, etc.?

Include a short bio -- anything that gives us an idea of why you're qualified to
speak on this subject. Feel free to include any relevant links.

* Name
* [Twitter]()
* [GitHub]()
* [Website]()