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#!/usr/bin/env python
#based on by Andrew Barr
#which was in turn based on by Michele Campeotto
#inspired by the original
#(c)2006 Sean O'Donnell <>, GPLv2
import sys, re, time
class Smacker:
"""A class that can be extended to control the effect of smacking your
thinkpad. Make sure to to override the add on_left and on_right methods.
POS_FILE = '/sys/devices/platform/hdaps/position'
CAL_FILE = '/sys/devices/platform/hdaps/calibrate'
POS_RX = re.compile('^\((-?\d+),(-?\d+)\)$')
def __init__(self,sensitivity = 6, interval = 0.005,stability = 30):
"""sensitivity control the sensitivity of the laptop
to smacks and other disturbances, its should be an integer,
the lower it is the more sensitive. The default is 4.
interval is the time between position checks, measured in
seconds. This should be an integer or floating point number.
The default is 0.01
stability, a threashold to prevent multiple events being
generated by a single smack, the higher this is, the longer
it will take for the next smack to have any effect. Default
is 30.
self.sensitivity = sensitivity
self.interval = interval
self.stability = 30
def start(self):
"""Starts handling smack events"""
except KeyboardInterrupt:
def _loop(self):
#get the starting position of the laptop
calx, caly = self.get_calibration()
stable = 0
while True:
# get the current position
x, y = self.get_pos()
if x == 0: continue
#the difference between the starting and current x position
delta = x - calx
#get the absolute value of the difference
adelta = abs(delta)
#if the difference is less than 5
if adelta < 5:
#increment stable
stable += 1
#if the difference is greater than the sensitivity
#and stable is greater than the threashold i.e. the laptop has been stable for
#a while, and now its been struck, prevents the effent firing
# more than once per strike
if adelta > self.sensitivity and stable > self.stability:
#reset stable
stable = 0
#if the laptop hit on the left side
if delta < 0:
def on_left(self):
"""Handler for when the laptop is smacked to the left, should be overwritten"""
def on_right(self):
"""Handler for when the laptop is smacked to the left, should be overwritten"""
def get_pos(self):
"""get the position of the laptop, returns an x,y tuple,
a low x indicates the left hand side of the laptop is raised,
a high x , that the right hand side is raised, these correspond
with a smack to the left and right (hopefully). A low y indicates
that the laptop is tiled forward, a high y that it is tiled backward"""
pos = open(Smacker.POS_FILE).read()
match = Smacker.POS_RX.match(pos)
return (int(match.groups()[0]), int(match.groups()[1]))
def get_calibration(self):
"""get the calibration of the laptop"""
pos = open(Smacker.CAL_FILE).read()
match = Smacker.POS_RX.match(pos)
return (int(match.groups()[0]), int(match.groups()[1]))
class TestSmack(Smacker):
"""an example smacker implementation"""
def on_left(self):
print "left"
def on_right(self):
print "right"
def main():
smacker = TestSmack()
if __name__ == "__main__":