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About org-link-minor-mode

org-link-minor-mode is an Emacs minor mode that enables org-mode style fontification and activation of bracket links in modes other than org-mode.

Org-mode bracket links look like this:


With this mode enabled, the links will be made active so you can click on them and displayed so you can see only the description if present.

Note that org-toggle-link-display will also work when this mode is enabled.


To use this minor mode, put the file org-link-minor-mode.el somewhere on your load path and use

M-x load-library org-link-minor-mode

or put the following:

 (require 'org-link-minor-mode)

in your .emacs file.

You can then use:

M-x org-link-minor-mode

to turn it on in the current buffer.


The elisp file org-link-minor-mode.el is generated from the corresponding org-mode file using org-mode’s tangle feature.

To recreate the elisp source file, open and issue the command:

M-x org-babel-tangle

Sean O’Halpin, 2012-08-18