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English subtitles for The Moomins (Muumilaakson Kevät)

Translating The Moomins cartoon is an ongoing project as I want to watch it in its native language and learn some Finnish along the way. I couldn't find more than a dozen subtitled episodes, uploaded to various websites, so I decided to find a few interested people and make our own translations.


The subtitles are standard .SRT files. They can be used best in VLC ( The episodes, however, are up to you to find!

Project credits

  • Sean Potts - Timekeeper, typist and occasional translator
  • Eeva Piha - Finnish/English translator
  • Emmi Pönkänen - Finnish/English translator
  • Tilda Saarinen - Finnish/English translator
  • Ari Taimi - Finnish/English translator
  • Samuli Saarikoski - Finnish/English translator

Episode credits

Listed below are the people who helped out with translations.

  1. 001 Muumilaakson kevät (Moomin Valley Spring) - Eeva Piha
  2. 002 Taikurin hattu (Hat of The Magician) - Eeva Piha
  3. 003 Rannalta löytynyt hylky (The shipwreck on the beach) - Eeva Piha
  4. 004 Tervetuloa hattivattien saarelle (Welcome to Hattifattener Island) - Eeva Piha
  5. 005 Hattivattien salaisuudet (The Hattifatteners' secrets) - Eeva Piha
  6. 006 Pikkuruiset vieraat (Tiny little guests) - Eeva Piha
  7. 007 Matkalaukku (Suitcase) - Emmi Pönkänen
  8. 008 Taikurin taika (The Magician's spell) - Tilda Saarinen & Ari Taimi
  9. 009 Näkymätön lapsi (Invisible child) - Eeva Piha
  10. 010 Ninni saa hymynsä takaisin (Ninny gets back her smile) - Emmi Pönkänen
  11. 011 Niisku leijailee taivaalla (Snork floats in the sky) - Tilda Saarinen


English subtitles for The Moomins (Muumilaakson Kevät)



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