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Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Built with:

  • React
  • Node
  • DatumBox Sentiment API
  • Google Sentiment API

Positive hashtag example: demo1

Negative hashtag example: demo2

Username example: demo3


Analyze tweet sentiment using an username or hashtag using two sentiment APIs. I originally created this app a couple years ago but it is tested on:

Node 12.18.2 Npm 6.14.7

The live app is running on Herkoku and can be tried out at:


In order to run this app, you will need to sign up for the following free APIs:

  1. The Datumbox Machine Learning API:

  2. The Google Natural Language Processing API:

  3. The Twitter API

After signing up for the APIs, create a file called 'config.js' in the repository root with the following API credentials:

const config = { twitter: { consumer_key: '', consumer_secret: '', access_token: '', access_token_secret: '' }, google: { "apiKey" : '' }, datumBox: { "apiKey" : '', }, port: process.env.PORT || 3000 };

module.exports = config;

To change ports or HOST to a live URL edit the .env file


  1. Install dependencies and run the app from the root directory:
   cd NodeTwitterSentiment
   npm install
   npm start

API requests will be visible via terminal output

  1. Go to to see the App

TODO: Average sentiments from both APIs and render on front end Dockerfile Get All Tweets


Simple sentiment analysis on hashtags or a users tweets using the Node/React, Google NLP Sentiment API, the Datumbox Sentiment API, and the Twitter API



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