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Mongrel2 handler for Mochiweb applications
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This is a Mongrel2 handler for Mochiweb applications. It is a hack.

A hack?

Yes. It receives messages from ZeroMQ, unpacks them, sends them to Mochiweb using a local TCP socket, collects the response from Mochiweb, and forwards whatever it receives to ZeroMQ.

Chunked encoding is not supported.

How to use it

Install ZeroMQ and Mongrel2.

Add the following to the deps list in your Rebar config file:

{'m2mw', ".*", {git, "git://", "master"}}

Now you'll need to start Mongrel2. An example mongrel2.conf file that will work with this example is included in this project. To start Mongrel2 using this file, cd to the root of this project and issue the following commands:

mkdir run
m2sh load
m2sh start -name main

First, if you want to see some logging, enable a log backend for Metal. I use metal_error_logger in this example to avoid any additional dependencies, but I suggest you use Lager:

application:set_env(metal, log_backend, metal_error_logger).

Then start your Mochiweb application - something like:

mochiweb_http:start([{ip, ""}, {port, 8080}, {loop, {mochiweb_http, default_body}}]),

All that remains is to tell the handler about your endpoints and the function you passed to Mochiweb to handle requests (a fun, {M,F} or {M,F,A}), and then tell it to start receiving:

m2mw_sup:configure_handlers("tcp://", "tcp://", {mochiweb_http, default_body}).

Obviously your endpoints and function will be different IRL, but you get the idea. If you just want a quick demo, start Mongrel2 and take a look at m2mw_util:test_mochiweb/0 or m2mw_util:test_mochiweb/1.

The Mochiweb proxy socket runs on port 9716. Sorry, that's not configurable at the moment.

You should now be able to make requests to your Mongrel2 instance and have them serviced by Mochiweb over ZeroMQ. Try navigating to http://localhost:6767/ to test.

Using m2mw with Webmachine

All you need to do is supply the following {M,F} as your loop function in your call to m2mw_sup:configure_handlers/3:

{webmachine_mochiweb, loop}
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