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A simple calendar gem for Rails 3.1+
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Simple Calendar

This is a small Rails 3.x gem for creating a quick and clean table calendar. Theming is up to you, but it works nicely with Twitter Bootstrap.


Just add this into your Gemfile followed by a bundle install:

gem "simple_calendar", "~> 0.0.4"


Here we have a model called Event with the start_time attribute that we will be using with simple_calendar.

class Event < ActiveRecord::Base

We query the events we want to display as usual, and then render the calendar in the view like so:

<%= calendar @events do |event| %>
  <div><%= link_to event.title, event %></div>
<% end %>

When the calendar is rendering, it yields to the block to allow you to render whatever you like for the item. In this example, I use the title attribute on the event with a link to the event.

has_calendar has options that can be passed to it for configuration:

has_calendar :start_time => :my_start_column

The start_time option is the field for the start time of the event. This will use my_start_column to determine which day to render the event on.


You will probably want to customize the height of the calendar so that all the rows are the same. You can do this by adding the following line to your css:

.calendar td { height: 100px; width: 14.28%; }

By default simple_calendar will set the calendar to use .bordered-table and .calendar classes.


  • Add query helpers to grab events for a current month and the days into the next and previous months for efficiency
  • Customizable starting day of week
  • More customization?
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