A front-end corporate ladder simulator game
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Chairman of the Board

A front-end corporate ladder simulator game.

Title Screen



Start your corporate career as a Mailroom Clerk and try to climb the ranks as you encounter scenarios and events that could skyrocket you to your Golden Throne as Chairman of the Board or be derailed and spend eternity in that god-forsaken letter hell!

Getting Started

To get started playing Chairman of the Board, you may please:

  1. fork this repo and clone into it on your system through git. Run the index.html in the root folder and enjoy!
  2. visit seanthaswan.github.io/chairman-of-the-board


A knack for climbing the corporate ladder!
Appreciation for tongue-cheek humor.

Built With

Sublime Text


As of December 9,2017 this game is in development whilst enrolled in General Assembly's WDI program.

As of December 10,2017 working on start splash screen and interactive elements including buttons, noise, and instructions. Added a place to keep track of scores. Declared majority of variables. Beginning of game logic.

As of December 11, 2017 working on restructuring jobPositions opbject for easier digging, using that information to populate game screen divs for interaction. Added basic menu navigation, instructions, initial start/load game functionality. Created functions attached to choices to return results and score modifiers... coming along!

As of December 12, 2017 working on setting up the logic to cumulatively keep track of scores, re worked how to show results of actions, how to move to the next scenario in that same job title. Pretty much just setting index variables that iterate++ to move the game along.

As of December 13, 2017 added buttons for whether the user would like to use confidence points or brownie points to get promoted to the next job title, had to clean up indentation and structure of jobPositions object... stuck in bracket hell for a while. Added new job levels ("Sales Manager, President of Sales"). Generalized and refactored my main game function to now be scalable if I want to add more levels and scenarios in the future.

As of December 14, 2017 added a game win condition, cleaned up code, added more job content. Drew a lot of inspiration from my father's game which featured quite a bit of tongue-in-cheek wit.

As of December 15, 2017 the game is COMPLETED! Wahoo! I split up the javaScript files for readability. Added more comments. Added a win message to congratulate the player! The game is live on seanthaswan.github.io/chairman-of-the-board

As of December 16, 2017 added a button click noise to break the utter silence.

If I had more time I would...

Go back and shuffle the scenarios so they could be played in any order randomized on load.

Insert 'wild card' events which don't involve choices but randomly come up and affect the score negativley or positively.


Sean Swanson - principal developer, bug squasher, ladder climber.


  1. A hat tip to General Assembly Seattle's WDI-16 Instruction team for constant love and support during the program!
  2. Inspiration coming from my father, who programmed the first iteration of this game in GWBASIC back in 1983 within the DocSwan Learning Series education software pack.
  3. "You" for visiting this repo and being so lovely.

-Hypercard Graphics by Eliot Gardepe designed by Susan Kare

-"VT323" Font by Peter Hull

-Pixel Dream demi-bold by Manfred Klein

-New York Jazz Loop by FoolBoyMedia

-Office Ambience by FunnyMan374

-Menu Click by Killkhan