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Event content type for Plone
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README.rst is the calendaring implementation for Plone. It provides Event Content Types (Archetypes based as well as Dexterity Behaviors), Timezone support, RFC5545 icalendar export, Recurrence support and a lot more.

The ATContentType and dexterity features are automatically enabled depending on installed packages.


Please set your timezone in the @@event-settings controlpanel. Otherwise there some weired behavior can occur, like you're apparently unable to set the time for dexterity types not to what you want. For timezone handling, we use pytz.

Installation for Plone 4.2

Just run the buildout.cfg, which is included with There is also a dev.cfg buildout file, which includes the sources of Plone core package branches with integration changes for

Or include the egg:

eggs += [ploneintegration,archetypes,dexterity]

Last, instal Plone with the " Plone4 integration" profile or depend in Generic Setup in metadata.xml like so:


You can also install optionally or additionally the dexterity profile.


Upgrading from the old ATEvent type is not tested, so don't rely on this.

Add some events, play with recurrence, whole day events and timezones, try out the calendar and event portlets...


A limitation on recurrence is, that unlimited occurrences are not supported at the moment. The number of possible recurrences of an event is limited to 1000 at the moment, so indexing - and other operations - doesn't take too long (see: plone.event.recurrence).

PLIP implementation

This packages and the other listed in sources.cfg are part of the PLIP 10886. See:



Please note, allowing pull requests require the signation of the contributor agreement.

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