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Wrapper for the org.everit.json.schema.Schema validator class
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JSON Schema Validator

What is this?

This is a Java wrapper for the org.everit.json.schema JSON Schema validation library. This handles basic implementation and includes dependencies in an uber-jar. This was built for use in ColdFusion applications to simplify JSON Schema validation. In particular, the uber-jar is useful when adding to the classpath is not possible, or where implementation via JavaLoader is preferred.


Example implementation and usage in ColdFusion cfscript:

// CFC wrapper
component displayName="JSONSchemaValidator"{
  public component function isValid(required string schema){
    return createObject("java", "ca.vanmulligen.json.schema.Validator").init(arguments.schema);
// Usage
savecontent variable="schema" {
  include "your_schema.json";

results = new JSONSchemaValidator(schema).isValid(your_json_as_string);

This will return JSON:

  "valid": "true/false",
  "error": "ValidationException output from org.everit.json.schema.Validate"


The jar file is available for download here:

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