zsh/bash scripts to automatically run commands based on directory
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Script for zsh/bash to automatically run commands based on which directory you are in. An example of this being useful is managing multiple Python virtual environments.



Add to your ~/.zshrc:

source /path/to/autosrc.zsh


Add to your ~/.bashrc:

source /path/to/autosrc.bash

(This is not as well tested since I don't use bash often. Please let me know if you find a bug.)


Then, create a file called .autosrc in the directory/directories you want to use autosrc. Specify autosrc_enter() and autosrc_exit() functions to be called on enter and exit events.

Here is an example .autosrc file for Python venv:

# Called when you first enter the directory (or its children)
autosrc_enter() {
	source <your_venv>/bin/activate

# Called when you exit the directory
autosrc_exit() {

Parent/children directories

If no .autosrc file is found in the current directory, autosrc will try to find/use one in the parent directory, then grandparent directory, etc.

If you enter a child directory that has a different .autosrc, then autosrc_exit() for the current directory and autosrc_enter() in the child directory will be called. If there exists no .autosrc in the child directory, nothing will happen.

This will allow you to stay in the same environment even if you visit child directories, but enter new child environments if you need.


Do whatever you want with it :)