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New update bar #252

giuliot opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

giuliot Steve Purcell jaarong

We use your widget to display some tweets on out website and I had a request to have an update bar at the top if there are new tweets, much like Twitter itself does. I noticed this feature is not available at the moment so I added it.

I can submit a patch file if you'd like. Just let me know.

Steve Purcell

Sure -- I'd be interested to take a look. If possible, please submit a pull request via github. I'll then review the code for potential inclusion.

If that's not convenient, then please paste your patch as a gist (see "Gist" at the top of the github pages), and include a link to it in a comment on this issue. :-)



Steve Purcell

Cool! Thanks. I think there's an even easier way to do it, BTW, without modifying the existing code. :-)

I'll try to put together some code to demonstrate it...



I'd love to see this feature, any progress?

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