Change missions logo (first-timers-only)

first-timers-only This issue is tagged :octocat: first-timers-only. It is only for people who have never contributed to open source before and are looking for an easy way take their first steps. Consider ...


Add a Favicon

Add a favicon of your choosing - this should be something web development related like a brackets image.


Add marquee text at the top that displays "Thanks for visiting!"



Add contact information for daisy

Add a phone number and email for daisy developer. The email address should open up a new email when selected.


Add an additional profile for a new user

The code can be mostly copied and pasted but the information for the new developer should be different (e.g. new name, new bio).


Add technologies used by Daisy Developer

There is a comment in the index.html file showing where this information can be added. You can add whatever technologies you prefer!


Update the color scheme

Update the color scheme to these colors: https://coolors.co/092327-0b5351-00a9a5-4e8098-90c2e7