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The file my_isnan_isinf.h contains functions checking for NaNs and INFs that work even with flags -Ofast and -Offast-math. See also a short note here.

There are two versions of the binary built from the same source. The first is regular and the second is fast_math. The first binary is built without -Offast-math and without -Ofast. It runs tests where the output of my functions are compared against the output of the standard isnan and isinf.

For single-precision numbers, I go over all possible floats (there are only 4B+ of them). For doubles, I can't do this, but the tests include a huge range as well. In particular, I go through all of the possible combinations of the first 34 bits. This should cover all possible corner cases, including signaling NaNs, infinities, and denormalized numbers.

Although I didn't check this, I suspect that the code should work on bigendian machines as well, because the byte layout of integers should be the same as the layout of floating-point numbers of the same length.