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jasmine.log output disappears #45

bimargulies opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Benson Margulies Justin Searls Ivar Nilsen
Benson Margulies

I can't see the results of jasmine.log at all. Not in mvn -X, not in log4j, not in any of the outputs of target/jasmine.

Justin Searls

Thanks for pointing this out. I wasn't aware that jasmine.log even existed. If you'd consider adding support in a pull request, I'd be happy to pull it in.

In the meantime, I'd imagine most of the situations in which I'd want to log output, I'd be actively developing code, so I'd suggest doing that with the jasmine:bdd command & a browser (which presumably show the output).

Ivar Nilsen

Is there another way around it?

I currently have a test that runs green with jasmine:bdd in the browser but fails during mvn install. It uses sinon.js fakeTimers to alter the global Date object and I suspect that has something to do with it. But to investigate any further I'd really need to either debug or "poor man debug" with logging while the test runs outside the browser. If there's some easy way to get logging to work I could dig into it and try to find out what's going wrong.

Justin Searls

@ivarni I'm probably not going to work on this issue anytime soon, but I'd recommend you try faking time differently. Maybe wrap Date in an abstraction you own and fake that abstraction, or use another time faking library like Timecop.js

Ivar Nilsen

Yes, that seems to work. I guess the problem is with sinon.js on HtmlUnitDriver but either way I'm happy to use Timecop and that removed my current need for logging. I'm just leaving this comment here in case other people stumble upon similar problems and I won't derail this issue further.

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