Contributing to the project

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Pull requests are always welcome and appreciated. We do ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Keep each pull request limited to one new feature or bug fix. This simplifies the merge process and allows us to choose to pull in each set of changes individually.
  • Open a pull request as soon as you have something you'd like to contribute so that we are aware you are working on it and can give you comments along the way.
  • We expect every pull request to be thoroughly tested so please don't expect a pull request to be merged in without good tests. This includes JUnit tests and cucumber feature tests.

Build Requirements

  • Java at least 1.5, at most 7
  • Maven 3

Needed only for cucumber tests:

Getting the project on your system

First create your own fork.


git clone<your_user_id>/jasmine-maven-plugin.git
cd jasmine-maven-plugin

Running a full build with cucumber tests

bundle install
bundle exec rake cucumber

Running just the maven build

mvn clean install