A bare-bones project directory for remotely testing apps with Cucumber + Capybara
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Testing a remote app with Cucumber+Capybara

Granted, this is a really simple combination, but I ran into a few hurdles on my first attempt, and thought someone might benefit from my feeding github this working, minimal example of using Cucumber and Capybara to execute web tests against a remote application.

git clone git://github.com/searls/remote-capybara-cucumber-example.git
cd remote-capybara-cucumber-example
bundle install
bundle exec cucumber

Which should produce output that looks something like:

Feature: Using Google

  Scenario: Searching for a term # features/google.feature:3
    Given I am on google.com     # features/step_definitions/google_steps.rb:1
    When I enter "pizza"         # features/step_definitions/google_steps.rb:5
    Then I should see results    # features/step_definitions/google_steps.rb:9

1 scenario (1 passed)
3 steps (3 passed)

The project is currently configured to use :selenium as the default driver, but that can be changed in /features/support/env.rb.