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Seascape Ecosystem smartcontracts.

Seascape Network:

Detailed documentations:

Already deployed smartcontract addresses:

This repository contains the smartcontracts of

  • Seascape Minigames
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Crowns token. Ticker CWS, and pCWS on BNB Smart Chain.
  • Scape NFT
  • GameFi generic smartcontracts that you can use in your great games.

The Financal tools of Seascape Ecosystem is done by Seastar Interactive. The Seastarinteractive is responsible for smartcontracts of:

The game that is supported by Seascape Network, developed by Meta Kings studio. The public source codes are kept on

Achivated codes:


The Crowns, Seascape NFT and Profit Circus were audited by Certik. View Seascape on Certik. The other projects are audited by PekShield and Halborn.

Running up on your machine

It uses truffle framework.

Pull this repository into your machine.

Once downloaded, go to the folder. Inside the folder, fetch the git submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive

Then, we need to setup truffle as a global module:

npm install -g truffle

After that install local dependencies:

npm install

Compile the contracts to generate ABI interfaces of smartcontracts, to use in the scripts: truffle compile

Finally, edit the truffle-config.js by setting up your network credentials including your Private Key and RPC node endpoint.

Done, check the tests, migrations and scripts. Edit them to set correct smartcontract address before using them. Especially, if you want to interact with already deployed smartcontracts.