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'LC-40LE830U' and 'LC-60LE830U' returns 90% match #9

johnlyn763 opened this Issue April 24, 2012 · 1 comment

2 participants

John Lynn Adam Cohen
John Lynn

These two strings have a 90% match, regardless of the algorithm -- I tried WRatio, ratio, partial_ratio, etc.

Is there some way to detect that single digit difference - the "4" and the "6" - in the two strings? The thinking is that the mismatched numbers should lower the score.


Adam Cohen

Unfortunately they have a 90% match because they are 10 character strings sharing 9 characters. There's basically no way to disambiguate those strings using fuzzy string matching, since fuzzy string matching is premised on the idea that a small number of mismatched characters is acceptable in a match. Closing.

Adam Cohen acslater00 closed this August 09, 2012
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