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SGCLI - A command line interface for SeatGeek

What is it?

SGCLI is a command line interface for SeatGeek - the most popular
destination for finding tickets to live events.


Making the SeatGeek experience available to everyone is key to our
mission. By catering specifically to users without graphics-capable
computers, we expose a whole new segment of people to the wonders of
finding tickets with SeatGeek.

Are you serious?

I try not to be.

How do I get it?

Try `pip install sgcli` or `easy_install sgcli`, and then run the command

Alternatively, just download the `sgcli` script from this repo and run it

What are the dependencies?

SGCLI depends on `requests` for doing internet-ey things and `PIL` for
rendering images.

Did you do a double-take when I said rendering images?

How do I use it?

A client id is required to use sgcli, you can obtain one from

The client id is passed to the executable as an env variable:

$ sgcli

Like any good command line app, SGCLI is full of obscure keyboard
shortcuts that aren't really documented. Here are some of them that
work on most pages:

h: Go to the home screen
s: Start a new search
q: Quit (with confirmation)
ESC: Quit (without confirmation)
BKSP: Go back to the previous page

On the search page, enter text and hit ENTER to run the search. Hit
ESC to go home.

On pages with data tables, you can navigate using emacs/vim style
navigation or the arrow keys:

^p / k / UP ARROW: Go up a row
^n / j / DOWN ARROW: Go down a row
^b / h / LEFT ARROW: Go to the previous page
^f / l / RIGHT ARROW: Go to the next page

When you've found a result you like, hit the ENTER key to advance.

Use the number keys to select a specific quantity of tickets you're
searching for ('0' for all listings).

When you get to a listing page, you can hit 'b' or 'w' to buy the
ticket(s). 'b' will attempt to open the market page in a text-mode
browser, while 'w' will use the default browser.

Are there easter eggs?

Of course.

Can I contribute?

Pull requests are welcome.