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Hover states for charts #43

jack7890 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Add hover states to the lines on the charts so that it's easy to tell which variation is which by hovering on a line. Something like this:

Hovering over a variation in the table should probably also activate a hover state in the chart for the corresponding line.

Not necessary for initial launch.


A bit more detail about how this should work:

  • Hovering over a particular line should give that line a visually differentiated active state (similar to the example linked to above).
  • Hovering over a particular line should also also cause the corresponding variation in the table to get an active state.
  • Alternatively, the same set of active states should be triggered when a user hovers over an experiment name in the table.
  • Hovering over a particular point on the graph should trigger a small popup with the particular datapoint. That data point should also get an active state. See the charts in GA for an example of this:

Closing this, and spinning the last bullet point to a separate issue (#49)


@matthewhudson any particular reason for making the last bullet a separate issue?

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