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@@ -17,10 +17,16 @@ Soulmate can offer suggestions for multiple types of items in a single query. An
Where `id` is a unique identifier (within the specific type), `term` is the phrase you wish to provide completions for, `score` is a user-specified ranking metric (redis will order things lexigraphically for items with the same score), and `data` is an optional container for metadata you'd like to return when this item is matched (at SeatGeek we're including a url for the item as well as a subtitle for when we present it in an autocomplete dropdown).
+See Soulmate in action at <a href="">SeatGeek</a>.
Getting Started
-As always,
+As always, kick things off with a `gem install`:
+ gem install soulmate
+### Loading Items
You can load data into Soulmate by piping items the JSON lines format into `soulmate load`.
@@ -36,6 +42,8 @@ And here's the load command (Soulmate assumes redis is running locally on the de
$ soulmate load venue --redis=redis://localhost:6379/0 < venues.json
+### Querying for Data
Once it's loaded, we can query this data by starting `soulmate-web`:
$ soulmate-web --foreground --no-launch --redis=redis://localhost:6379/0
@@ -77,6 +85,8 @@ And viewing the service in your browser: <a href="http://localhost:5678/search?t
+The `/search` method supports multiple `types` as well as an optional `limit`. For example: `http://localhost:5678/search?types[]=event&types[]=venue&types[]=performer&limit=3&term=yank`.
Contributing to soulmate

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