Retro Gaming Workshop (first offered Winter 2018)
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Retro Gaming Workshop

First offered Winter 2018 at Seattle CoderDojo (

Thanks to for hosting.

The content here is divided into 5 classroom sessions of approximately 100 minutes each (2 hours minus 10 minutes on each side).

Session 1: Phaser, JavaScript, and Gaming Basics

Set up your development environment. Learn some basics about JavaScript, game development, and the Phaser platform.

Session 2: Memory Tones (Simon Clone)

Improve your mastery of getting and using player input, randomness, arrays, manipulating screen elements. Play the demo.

Session 3: Dojo Invaders (Space Invaders Clone)

Improve your mastery of animation, sprite sheets, and collisions.

Session 4: Dojo Invaders Part II

Learn about tracking and moving a whole crowd of enemies, sprite groups, group collisions, and making explosions.

Session 5: Dojo Invaders Part III

Finishing up Dojo Invaders (or Alien Shootz), with scorekeeping, levels, the aliens fighting back, and showing off some student games in class.

Session n: Dojo Invaders Part IV

Finished during Spring break for the Dojo. Adding bunkers and making it possible for the bombs and missiles to blow off chunks of them. Play the final version of the game.