geojson for various boundaries in Seattle
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GeoJSON for various boundaries related to Seattle.


How to access the data

Web map

At you can view each boundary on a map by entering a location.


Request the data via a JSON API by using

Example request:



This data is available via npm to use as a JavaScript/Node.js module.


npm install --save seattle-boundaries-data


var boundaries = require('seattle-boundaries-data')

var matches = boundaries({
  long: -122.345002,
  lat: 47.667044,
  dataset: dataset

Returns a FeatureCollection where all the features are a match for the point. The slug of the dataset that the feature is from is stored in the properties of the feature with the key dataset.


Dat is a decentralized data-sharing tool. There are a few ways you might get this data using Dat.

Dat command-line tool

npm i -g dat
dat clone dat://a20663417ea679e7b9230ffba08f1da65072d5790112e20c3bb8bb24df46e25a seattle-boundaries-data

Dat Desktop

The desktop app lets you download and share files via Dat.

  • Install the Dat Desktop app
  • Import this dat: dat://a20663417ea679e7b9230ffba08f1da65072d5790112e20c3bb8bb24df46e25a
  • View the downloaded files

Beaker Browser

Beaker is a new browser with support for p2p file sharing.

  • Install Beaker
  • visit dat://a20663417ea679e7b9230ffba08f1da65072d5790112e20c3bb8bb24df46e25a as a url in the Beaker


  • Fork the repo
  • Create a branch for your changes
  • Submit pull request
  • When possible, we attempt to pull data from City of Seattle using Node.js but we are open to other solutions as well.


See the issues queue for todos.


CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)