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=== 1.5.1
* Clear ActiveRecord connections when daemonizing. Bug by Evan Petrie.
=== 1.5.0
* Added --pid-file option. See --help for details.
* Minor improvements to --help, argument error output
=== 1.4.0
* 1.8.7 and 1.9 STARTTLS compatibility, now uses smtp_tls gem for STARTTLS on
* Fix 1.9 warnings
=== 1.3.3
* Work around class_inheritable_accessor being the wrong thing for
=== 1.3.2
* Terminate SMTP connection on TimeoutError since Net::SMTP may be in a bogus
state. Issue by Eric O'Connell.
* Don't require Email class to exist. Bug #22843 by Joachim Glauche.
* Switched to minitest
* Upgraded to modern Hoe
* Updated configuration information for Rails > 2.0
=== 1.3.1
* Fix bug #12530, gmail causes SSL errors. Submitted by Kyle Maxwell
and Alex Ostleitner.
* Try ActionMailer::Base::server_settings then ::smtp_settings. Fixes
bug #12516. Submitted by Alex Ostleitner.
=== 1.3.0
* New Features
* Added automatic mail queue cleanup.
* MAY CAUSE LOSS OF DATA. If you haven't run ar_sendmail within
the expiry time, set it to 0.
* Bugs fixed
* Authentication errors are now handled by retrying once.
=== 1.2.0
* Bugs fixed
* Handle SMTPServerBusy by backing off @delay seconds then re-queueing
* Allow email delivery class to be set in ARMailer.
* ar_sendmail --mailq works with --table-name now.
* Miscellaneous Updates
* Added documentation to require 'action_mailer/ar_mailer' in
* Moved to ZSS p4 repository
* Supports TLS now. Requested by Dave Thomas. smtp_tls.rb from Kyle
Maxwell & etc.
=== 1.1.0
* Features
* Added --chdir to set rails directory
* Added --environment to set RAILS_ENV
* Exits cleanly on TERM or INT signals
* Added FreeBSD rc.d script
* Exceptions during SMTP sending are now logged
* No longer waits if sending email took too long
* Bugs fixed
* Fixed last send attempt in --mailq
* Better SMTP error handling
* Messages are removed from the queue on 5xx errors
* Added Net::SMTP.reset to avoid needing to recreate the connection
=== 1.0.1
* Bugs fixed
* From and to of email destination were swapped
=== 1.0.0
* Birthday
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