let autotest recognize non-rails standard tests, too #3

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This basically is a fix for seattlerb/autotest-rails#2
I started adding tests, which usually is handy ;-)



You think I'll pull commits that remove hoe and arbitrarily rename files?

grosser commented Nov 7, 2010

I fixed a regression, and pushed it to autotest-rails-pure,
have fun (just use gem install autotest-rails-pure and uninstall the old autotest-rails)!

grosser- I basically like the separate gem you created, however, IMO the autotest landscape is already confusing enough. I may be an idiot (yes, I am!), it took me more than an hour to figure out differences between ZenTest and Autotest and to find the canonical repositories for autotest and autotest-rails.

Now there's another gem which does the same... Maybe we should consider convincing Ryan to merge our changes? I mean I really don't care if it's owned by you, me, or seattlerb, I just want it to be in one place.

grosser commented Nov 7, 2010

yep, its a bit confusing, major changes or evil "arbitrarily rename files" are not possible at ZenTest atm, and i am trying to move this project forward.
On top of that I think autotest should be a separate gem, not be bundled with this, at least nowadays, pretty useless zentest stuff.
So my dream solution: split zentest into all its parts (multiruby/autotest/unitdiff/whatever the 4th part is) and live happily ever after, but this could take some time...



Please submit the minimum diff that addresses your ticket. Removing hoe and renaming the readme doesn't address your bug at all. Frankly, I liked your idea in the original ticket to parameterize or refactor it better.


As I'm sure you know, in the open source community, you usually need to actually contribute to a project before you are invited to be a principal decision maker. I've seen nothing from you in this regard. Your stunt with forking and releasing an 'autotest' gem has done nothing to improve the landscape and only confuses the issue. It certainly hasn't done anything to gain our respect or want to invite you in to contribute. You take our work, and our product name? Shame on you.

I did 9 releases (of autotest) last year and 5 this year. I haven't done any extra releases of autotest-rails since it was split out (it had 14 releases as part of ZenTest) simply because nobody has filed any tickets on it until now. I hardly think that qualifies as needing to be "moved forward".

grosser commented Nov 9, 2010

Please have a look at the added features, refactoring and releases of autotest, you are welcome to merge em.
Id also be happy if autotest would be 'one' again, im only doing this 'stunt' to create a better product.

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