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# vim: syntax=Ruby
require 'hoe'
require './lib/cached_model' 'cached_model', CachedModel::VERSION do |p|
p.summary = 'An ActiveRecord abstract model that caches records in memcached'
p.description = 'CachedModel caches simple (by id) finds in memcached reducing the amount of work the database needs to perform for simple queries.' = ['Eric Hodel', 'Robert Cottrell'] = ''
p.changes ='History.txt').scan(/\A(=.*?)^=/m).first.first
p.extra_deps << ['memcache-client', '>= 1.1.0']
p.extra_deps << ['activerecord', '>= 1.14.4']
p.extra_deps << ['ZenTest', '>= 3.4.1']