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My intention is to make flog suitable for using in CI services. This PR allows to have all calculated methods and classes scores in corresponding instance variables. So they could be used for further calculations.


zenspider commented Apr 8, 2013

Overall, this looks good. Just some nitpicky stuff.

@ghost ghost assigned zenspider Apr 8, 2013

@zenspider good notice, thank you! I use Sublime and yep, I did not set trimming whitespaces.

@zenspider I fixed Readme and hoe config for it, check it please.


zenspider commented Apr 9, 2013

This looks fantastic... but you lost me at That has nothing to do with your functional changes to the code and honestly, I don't care about veneer. If you roll back the last two commits of the pull I'll happily merge the rest.

Thanks again. I like what you're doing and how you're doing it.

@zenspider done 😃

May be I was a lil bit fast with README but my point was that README should give any developer an example of how to use the gem (both in with Ruby code and command line), so I just added this example there. Nevertheless let's continue to work on flog, examples could be added later.


zenspider commented Apr 10, 2013

Done! Thank you very much.

@zenspider zenspider closed this Apr 10, 2013

@zenspider, but you didn't actually merge it... You just closed the PR...


zenspider commented Apr 10, 2013

I did. I work in perforce, not git. My sync script runs on the quarter hour so sometimes it takes a few.

You can see it here:

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